11 Fun Christmas Fundraising Games for Schools & Non-Profits

A picture with various Christmas elements suggesting Christmas fundraising games ideas

Christmas fundraising games are a festive way to gather the community, spread holiday cheer, and raise crucial funds for your cause. However, organizing a successful fundraising event around Christmas can bring up a flurry of questions.

What games will captivate both children and adults? How can you ensure a jolly atmosphere while keeping the focus on fundraising? Which games are easy to set up and also effective in raising funds? This article provides a treasure trove of 11 delightful Christmas-themed games that are not only fun but are also designed to maximize participant engagement and donations.

These games are tailored for schools, non-profits, and community groups looking to infuse a dose of merriment into their fundraising initiatives. From the classic Christmas Tree Ring Toss to the exciting Christmas Raffle, these games are your tickets to a successful and enjoyable fundraising event.

Moreover, we’ll share some invaluable tips on leveraging these games to boost participation and donations. Let’s make your Christmas fundraiser a heartwarming success that leaves a lasting impact!

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In this section, we’ll explore 11 Christmas fundraising games designed for easy setup and effective fundraising. Each game outlined here offers a unique way to engage participants while driving donations for your cause.

1. Christmas Tree Ring Toss

The Christmas Tree Ring Toss is a simple yet engaging game that can be easily set up in any fundraising venue. All you need is a faux Christmas tree and some rings. Participants should toss the rings and have them land around the branches of the Christmas tree.

Setup and Execution:

  • Place the Christmas tree in a designated area and mark a line from where participants will toss the rings.
  • Charge a small entry fee for participants who want to try their luck. You could have varying fee levels for a different number of attempts, for example, $5 for 3 tosses and $10 for 7 tosses.
  • Provide small incentives or prizes for those who successfully land a certain number of rings on the tree branches.

Fundraising Aspect:

  • The entry fee collected from participants constitutes the funds raised.
  • You could also have a donation box nearby for attendees who may want to contribute more.
  • To enhance the fundraising potential, consider having a local business sponsor the game and provide the prizes, allowing all the proceeds from the entry fee to go directly to your cause.

Why it Works:

  • The simplicity of the game encourages participation from attendees of all ages.
  • It brings a festive touch to your fundraising event, aligning with the Christmas theme.
  • The competitive yet friendly nature of the game can create an energetic and enjoyable atmosphere, encouraging more people to participate and donate.

2. Holiday Bingo

Holiday Bingo is a delightful spin on the classic bingo game, tailored to the holiday season with Christmas-themed images or phrases replacing the traditional numbers. It’s a game that can hold the attention of both kids and adults, making it a splendid addition to any Christmas fundraising event.

Setup and Execution:

  • Create or purchase bingo cards with holiday-themed symbols or phrases.
  • Designate a caller to announce the symbols or phrases.
  • Charge a fee for each bingo card, and consider offering a discount for purchasing multiple cards.
  • Organize a few rounds of bingo, each with a different prize for the winner.

Fundraising Aspect:

  • The funds raised from selling bingo cards contribute to your cause.
  • Have a donation station for attendees who wish to contribute more.
  • You could also auction off the role of the bingo caller to the highest bidder, adding another fun element to the game and raising additional funds.

Why it Works:

  • Holiday Bingo is easy to understand and play, which encourages wide participation.
  • The anticipation of winning creates an exciting atmosphere, which could encourage additional donations.
  • It offers multiple opportunities for fundraising – through card sales, additional donations, and auctioning the caller role.

3. Candy Cane Hook

The Candy Cane Hook game is a whimsical challenge that adds a sweet twist to your fundraising event. The objective is simple: hook as many candy canes as you can using another candy cane held in your mouth. It’s a quirky game that can cause lots of laughter, making it a memorable part of your event.

Setup and Execution:

  • Purchase or ask for donations of candy canes and place them on a sturdy table or a decorated stand with hooks.
  • Set a time limit for each participant, like 30 seconds, and charge a participation fee.
  • Participants will then attempt to hook and collect as many candy canes as possible within the time limit using only the candy cane in their mouth.

Fundraising Aspect:

  • The participation fee is the primary source of fundraising in this game.
  • Offer additional rounds at a discounted rate to encourage more participation and raise more funds.
  • A donation box can be placed near the game area for additional contributions.

Why it Works:

  • The light-hearted competition and amusing visuals of the Candy Cane Hook game encourage a cheerful and communal atmosphere.
  • The simple yet quirky challenge appeals to a wide age range, making it a family-friendly choice.
  • By offering additional rounds, you prolong engagement with the game and have the potential to raise more funds.

4. Christmas Carol Karaoke Contest

The Christmas Carol Karaoke Contest is an entertaining way to ignite the festive spirit while rallying contributions for your cause. It invites participants to belt out their favorite Christmas carols in a friendly competition, judged by a panel or the audience. It is also an excellent way to fundraise for Christmas at offices, schools, and community centers.

Setup and Execution:

  • Set up a small stage or designate an area as the performance space with a good sound system.
  • Participants can register beforehand or on the spot with a set entry fee.
  • Create a list of popular Christmas carols for participants to choose from or allow them to bring their favorite carol tracks.
  • The audience or a panel of judges can vote for their favorite performances, and winners can be awarded festive prizes.

Fundraising Aspect:

  • Funds are raised through the entry fees from participants.
  • Sell voting tokens to the audience for them to cast their votes, adding another layer of fundraising.
  • Have a donation booth set up near the stage for additional contributions from attendees.

Why it Works:

  • The fun and competitive spirit of karaoke can attract a wide range of participants and audience members, increasing the fundraising potential.
  • Music and singing naturally draw people together, creating a lively and memorable event atmosphere.
  • Encouraging audience participation through voting engages them further, likely increasing their willingness to donate.

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5. Santa’s Beard Relay

Man with a Santa's Beard for a Christmas fundraising game

Infuse laughter and competition into your event with Santa’s Beard Relay. Teams compete to create the longest “beard” using cotton balls and petroleum jelly within a set time limit.

Setup and Execution:

  • Divide participants into teams and provide each with cotton balls and petroleum jelly.
  • One member from each team applies petroleum jelly on their face while teammates stick cotton balls to create a “beard”.
  • The team with the longest “beard” at the end of the time limit wins a prize.

Fundraising Aspect:

  • Charge a participation fee from each team.
  • Have a donation box nearby for additional contributions.

Why it Works:

  • The humorous and competitive nature of the game creates an entertaining atmosphere, encouraging more people to participate and donate.

6. Christmas Ornament Guessing Game

In the Christmas Ornament Guessing Game, the objective is to guess the correct number of ornaments in a large transparent container.

Setup and Execution:

  • Fill a transparent container with a known number of Christmas ornaments.
  • Charge a small fee for each guess, and participants can write down their guess along with their name on a slip of paper.
  • At the end of the event or a designated time, reveal the exact number and award the person or persons with the closest guess a festive prize.

Fundraising Aspect:

  • Funds are primarily raised from the fee charged for each guess.
  • Offer multiple guess bundles at a discount to encourage more participation, for example, three guesses for a slightly reduced price.
  • A donation box near the guessing station can collect additional contributions from participants.

Why it Works:

  • The simplicity of the game makes it accessible to all age groups, promoting wider participation.
  • The anticipation of the reveal can keep attendees engaged throughout the event.
  • By offering a prize for the closest guess, you instill a sense of competition and excitement, encouraging more people to take part and donate.

7. Snowball Toss

Snowball Toss is a lively and competitive game where participants are challenged to toss fluffy faux snowballs into varying sized buckets or hoops to score points within a time limit.

Setup and Execution:

  • Arrange buckets or hoops of different sizes at various distances, each assigned a point value based on difficulty.
  • Charge a participation fee for a set number of tosses, and participants attempt to score as many points as possible by tossing the snowballs into the buckets or hoops.
  • Offer additional tosses at a discounted rate to keep the competition fierce and engaging.

Fundraising Aspect:

  • The primary source of fundraising is the entry fee paid by participants.
  • Engage local businesses to sponsor the game or provide prizes, and highlight their contributions during the event.
  • Set up a donation booth nearby, allowing spectators and participants to contribute further to your cause.

Why it Works:

  • The competitive nature of Snowball Toss can attract a crowd, creating a lively atmosphere conducive to fundraising.
  • The simplicity of the game encourages wide participation, increasing the potential for raising funds.
  • The sponsorship and prize aspect can add an appealing incentive for participation while offsetting costs.

8. Christmas Cookie Walk

The Christmas Cookie Walk is a sweet and engaging game, reminiscent of musical chairs, but with a delightful twist. Instead of chairs, participants walk around a circle of Christmas cookie pictures on the floor, and when the music stops, those standing on a pre-selected picture win a box of Christmas cookies.

Setup and Execution:

  • Lay pictures of different Christmas cookies in a large circle on the floor and have participants walk around the circle while festive music plays.
  • When the music stops, participants stop on the cookie picture they are nearest to.
  • Before the game starts, pre-select a few winning cookie pictures. When the music stops, reveal a winning picture, and the participants standing on that picture win a box of Christmas cookies.
  • Charge a participation fee for each round and consider hosting several rounds to keep the excitement going.

Fundraising Aspect:

  • The participation fee for each round serves as the primary fundraising element.
  • Sell additional Christmas cookies or hot cocoa nearby to raise more funds.
  • A donation booth can also be set up near the game area for additional contributions.

Why it Works:

  • The game is easy to understand and participate in, making it family-friendly and appealing to a broad audience.
  • The festive theme and the allure of winning a box of Christmas cookies can attract many participants, thereby increasing fundraising potential.
  • The additional sale of cookies and beverages can significantly contribute to the funds raised, making the Christmas Cookie Walk a sweet success.

9. Reindeer Antler Ring Toss

Reindeer Antler Ring Toss offers a festive spin on a classic game, making it a delightful addition to your Christmas fundraising event. Participants or teams compete to toss rings onto inflatable reindeer antlers worn by a teammate or a volunteer.

Setup and Execution:

  • Acquire or borrow inflatable reindeer antlers and rings for tossing.
  • Set a clear area for the game with a marked throwing line, and charge a participation fee for each player or team.
  • Each team designates a member to wear the antlers while the other members attempt to toss the rings onto the antlers within a set time limit.

Fundraising Aspect:

  • The primary source of fundraising is the entry fee collected from participants.
  • Encourage a friendly competitive spirit by organizing a tournament with a festive prize for the winning team.
  • Place a donation booth near the game area for those who wish to contribute further, or sell additional game rounds at a discounted rate.

Why it Works:

  • The playful and interactive nature of Reindeer Antler Ring Toss fosters a jovial and engaging atmosphere, encouraging more participation and donations.
  • The game is accessible to all ages and skill levels, promoting inclusivity and a sense of community.
  • Hosting a tournament can prolong engagement with the game, creating more opportunities for fundraising and enjoyment.

10. Holiday Scavenger Hunt

The Holiday Scavenger Hunt is an exciting and adventurous game that takes participants on a quest to find various Christmas-themed items or clues.

Setup and Execution:

  • Create a list of holiday-themed items or clues that participants need to find within a designated area or even throughout the community.
  • Charge a participation fee for each individual or team wishing to partake in the hunt.
  • Provide each participant or team with a list of items or clues to find. They can take pictures of the items or bring the items to a designated check-in point.
  • Set a time limit for the scavenger hunt, and award festive prizes to the first teams or individuals to complete the list.

Fundraising Aspect:

  • The entry fees collected from participants are the primary source of fundraising in this game.
  • Offer additional clue sheets for a fee to increase the fundraising potential.
  • Have a donation booth at the check-in point for those who wish to contribute more towards your cause.

Why it Works:

  • The adventure and competitive spirit of a scavenger hunt can draw a large crowd, increasing the fundraising potential.
  • It encourages community engagement and exploration, creating a memorable experience for all involved.
  • The possibility of winning prizes adds an extra layer of excitement, encouraging more participation and donation.

11. Christmas Raffle

Raffle drawing with a Christmas background to show an example of Christmas fundraising raffle

A Christmas Raffle is a traditional yet effective game that can add thrilling suspense to your fundraising event. By raffling off festive prizes, gift baskets, or even donated items or services, you create an exciting opportunity for attendees to win while supporting your cause.

Setup and Execution:

  • Collect prizes for the raffle; these could be donated items, gift baskets, or services from local businesses.
  • Sell raffle tickets in advance and during the event at a set price, offering discounts for bulk purchases to encourage more ticket sales.
  • At a designated time, draw the winning tickets and announce the winners who then receive the corresponding prizes.

Fundraising Aspect:

  • The primary source of fundraising comes from the sale of raffle tickets.
  • Engage local businesses to sponsor the raffle prizes, which not only offsets costs but also allows for a wider variety of appealing prizes.
  • Place a donation booth near the raffle area to collect additional contributions.

Why it Works:

  • The anticipation of winning a prize creates excitement and encourages ticket purchases, thereby increasing fundraising potential.
  • Engaging local businesses for prize donations can create a community-wide interest and support for your event.
  • The simplicity and familiarity of a raffle make it an accessible and appealing fundraising game for a wide audience.


Tips to Maximize Donations using Christmas Fundraising Games

Utilize Local Businesses for Sponsorship and Prizes

Engage with local businesses to sponsor your games or donate prizes. This not only reduces your costs but also attracts more participants. Businesses can benefit from the exposure, and you could even offer to promote them during the event.

Incorporate Social Media Challenges

Create pre-event buzz and encourage participation by launching social media challenges related to your games. For instance, run a contest where followers can submit their own game ideas or share your event posts for a chance to win a free entry or an extra raffle ticket.

Offer Bulk Discounts on Entry Fees or Tickets

Encourage more participation and raise funds by offering discounts on bulk purchases of entry fees or raffle tickets. This could entice individuals to participate in multiple games or buy extra raffle tickets, increasing the overall funds raised.

Leverage FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)

Utilize the Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) by showcasing the fun, prizes, and unique experiences participants can enjoy. Share testimonials or photos from past events, and highlight exclusive prizes or activities to stir excitement and prompt more people to participate.

Clearly Display Progress Towards Goals

Display a progress bar or a fundraising thermometer to show how close you are to reaching your fundraising goal. Seeing the progress can motivate attendees to participate more to help meet or exceed the target.

Enable Online Participation

Allow online participation for those who might not be able to attend the event in person. Offer online raffle ticket purchases or virtual game entries, and livestream certain games to engage a wider audience and boost donations.

Provide Multiple Donation Opportunities

In addition to game participation fees, provide multiple opportunities for attendees to donate. Set up donation booths, offer additional purchase opportunities like food or merchandise, and provide easy mobile or online donation options.

Final Thoughts

As you dive into organizing your Christmas fundraising event, remember that the essence of these games is to foster a sense of community and shared joy while advancing toward a noble cause. Engage local businesses, leverage social media, and create an atmosphere that resonates with the festive spirit of giving.

Each game you choose to include should not only entertain but also align with your fundraising goals, encouraging donations and participation. Moreover, the ease of execution and clarity of rules will significantly impact the success of your games. As you curate your list of games, keep in mind the diverse age groups and interests of your attendees to ensure a wider appeal.

The blend of anticipation, competition, and camaraderie these games offer can transform your fundraiser into a memorable event that leaves a lasting impact on both your cause and the participants.

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