77 Music Fundraiser Names: Useful for All Benefit Concerts

Music fundraiser names

Wondering what to call your next benefit concert? Looking for catchy music fundraiser names? This article has got you covered!

A few days ago, we wrote a massive article on music fundraising ideas for all types of musical, charity concerts. But we know that a good fundraising idea is worth nothing without an attractive, catchy name. In fact, when it comes to a music fundraiser, the name needs to not only encapsulate the energy and excitement of a live performance but also reflect the cause it’s supporting.

If you’re planning a music fundraiser and are looking for the perfect name, we present 77 music fundraiser names, categorized according to different types of concert fundraising ideas. Whether you’re hosting a themed concert, a local talent night, or a virtual show, these names are sure to strike a chord and resonate with your audience.

Let’s get started on finding the perfect name for your musical event.

77 Music Fundraiser Names To Use For Your Next Benefit Concert

A. Music Fundraiser Names for Themed Concerts

  1. Retro Rock Revival
  2. Country Nights Unplugged
  3. Soulful Seventies Soiree
  4. Jazz Jamboree for Charity
  5. Disco Donation Drive
  6. Beatles Bash Benefit
  7. Punk Rock Pledge Party
  8. Blues & Brews Benefit
  9. Classical Harmony for Hope
  10. Indie Inspire Initiative

B. Music Fundraiser Names for Tribute or Cover Band Events

  1. Queen’s Court for a Cause
  2. Stones’ Solidarity Show
  3. Elvis Echoes Event
  4. Beatlemania Benefit
  5. ABBA Aid Concert
  6. Dylan Duet Donation Drive
  7. Springsteen Spirit Support
  8. Bowie Benefit Bash
  9. Madonna Melody Movement
  10. Pink Floyd Philanthropy Fest

C. Music Fundraiser Names for Battle of the Bands

  1. Riff Rumble for Relief
  2. Sound Clash for Cash
  3. Melody Melee Fundraiser
  4. Rock-n-Roll Ruckus
  5. Sound Battle Benevolence
  6. Sonic Showdown Support
  7. Beat Battle Benefit
  8. Harmony Hustle for Hope
  9. Tune Tussle for Trust
  10. Rhythm Rivalry for Relief

D. Music Fundraiser Names for Concerts with A Special Guest or Artists

  1. Serenade with (Artist’s Name)
  2. An Evening with (Artist’s Name)
  3. (Artist’s Name) for a Cause
  4. Hope Notes with (Artist’s Name)
  5. (Artist’s Name)’s Harmony for Hope
  6. (Artist’s Name)’s Melody Movement
  7. Chords of Charity with (Artist’s Name)
  8. (Artist’s Name)’s Ballad Benefit
  9. Rocking Relief with (Artist’s Name)
  10. Tune in with (Artist’s Name)

E. Virtual Concerts Name Ideas

  1. Screen Serenade Support
  2. Virtual Vibes for Victory
  3. Web Waves for Welfare
  4. Livestream Lyrics for Life
  5. Cyberspace Chords for Charity
  6. Online Octaves for Outreach
  7. Digital Ditties Donation Drive
  8. Wi-Fi Waltz for Wellbeing
  9. Internet Interlude Initiative
  10. Streaming for Solidarity

F. Musical Fundraiser Names for Local Talent Nights

  1. Community Chords for a Cause
  2. Hometown Harmony Help
  3. Neighborhood Notes for Necessities
  4. Local Lyrics for Love
  5. Backyard Ballads for Benefits
  6. Town Tunes for Trust
  7. Suburb Sounds for Support
  8. City Songs for Charity
  9. Street Serenades for Solidarity
  10. Village Voices for Victory

G. Fundraiser Names for Music Festival

  1. Melody Marathon for a Mission
  2. Harmony Hike for Health
  3. Rhythm Run for Relief
  4. Soundtrack Sprint for Support
  5. Beat Voyage for Victory
  6. Chord Odyssey for Outreach
  7. Tune Trek for Trust
  8. Song Journey for Justice
  9. Ballad Expedition for Empathy
  10. Music Miles for Miracles

H. Names for Charity Album Launch

  1. Harmonic Help Album Debut
  2. Philanthropic Phrases Premiere
  3. Benefit Beats Release
  4. Charity Chorus Launch
  5. Aid Anthem Unveiling
  6. Giving Grooves Debut
  7. Supportive Stanzas Premiere

What to consider when choosing a name for a musical fundraiser?

Music fundraiser names - factors to consider when choosing a name

Type of Event

The first factor to consider when naming your musical fundraiser is the type of event you are planning. This is critical because the name should align with the atmosphere and scale of the event. If it’s an intimate gathering, you might want a name that conveys warmth and personal connection.

On the other hand, a larger concert might need a name that suggests a grand, exhilarating experience. Let’s consider one of our previous names, “Melody Marathon for a Mission”. This name suggests a large-scale event, possibly a music festival or a long-duration concert, indicating to your audience that they are in for a substantial, impactful musical experience. The name effectively communicates the event’s scale while connecting it to a cause.

Genre of Music to be Performed

Next, the genre of music being performed at the fundraiser should be reflected in the name. Different genres evoke different emotions and cater to different audiences. A rock concert, a classical symphony, and a jazz gig, all have their own unique appeals. As such, the name should hint at what the audience can expect musically.

Consider the name “Jazz Jamboree for Justice”. Here, the genre is clear (jazz), making it more likely to attract fans of that style. This makes your marketing more effective and ensures that your audience won’t be disappointed by a mismatch between their expectations and the reality.


The name’s catchiness is another important consideration or rather the most important consideration. As stated in our article on fundraising names for schools as well as on dance fundraiser name ideas, the name of a fundraiser is the first branding component of the fundraiser, the element that makes the first impression when marketing the event.

A catchy, memorable name is more likely to stick in people’s minds, making them more likely to attend your event and possibly share it with others. Catchiness can come from alliteration, rhymes, or simply a unique combination of words. An example from our list is “Rhythm and Rhyme Relief”. This name is catchy due to the use of alliteration (Rhythm, Rhyme, Relief), making it fun to say and easier to remember.

Connection with Cause

Finally, it’s essential that your event’s name creates a clear connection to the cause you’re supporting. This helps remind attendees of why they’re there and reinforces the charitable nature of the event.

For instance, a name like “Harmony for Healthcare” not only suggests a musical event but also clearly connects it to a healthcare-related cause, possibly raising funds for hospital equipment, medical research, or patient care.

Here are some additional tips to keep in mind:

  • Don’t satisfy all factors: While all of these factors are important, not every name needs to include all of them. in fact, it would be very difficult to come up with a name that satisfies all the naming factors listed above. The one that you should focus on the most is catchiness. Other than that you should only aim to add one more element of relevance to your name. We have suggested the names above based on the type of event as that approach seems to deliver the most clarity.
  • Legalities: Always ensure that your chosen name doesn’t infringe on any copyrights or trademarks. Before finalizing a name, perform a thorough check to avoid any potential legal issues. This is a crucial step in the naming process.
  • Originality: Your event’s name should be unique and not overly similar to other known musical concert events. This not only helps your fundraiser stand out but also helps avoid confusion with other events. Creating an original name helps establish a distinct brand identity for your fundraiser in the music event landscape.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a fitting name for your musical fundraiser is a blend of art, strategy, and a sprinkle of intuition. A name has the power to breathe life into your event, enticing your audience, resonating with the melodies and harmonies they’ll experience, and imprinting itself in their memory. Your concert could be brimming with energy like “Electric Ensemble for Equality,” or it could mirror the soothing tranquility of “Serenade for Sustainability”. Ultimately, the name becomes the event’s first ambassador, setting the stage even before the first note is struck.

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