77 Dance Fundraiser Names To Boost Donation Success

77 Dance Fundraising Names

Do you feel lost deciding on dance fundraiser names? Are you struggling to come up with names that are catchy, unique, and indicative of the philanthropic nature of your dance event?

In fact, stepping into the realm of dance fundraisers, one of the initial hurdles every event organizer encounters is the quest for the perfect dance fundraiser name. Exceptional and memorable dance fundraiser names are not always easy to discover on the internet.

But fret not! In this article, we not only provide an array of name ideas, but we also delve into key factors to consider when choosing the name for your dance fundraiser. So, whether your event is an elegant ballroom soirée, an energetic hip-hop extravaganza, or a showcase of diverse cultural dance styles, our suggestions are sure to captivate and encourage those ready to shimmy and sway for a noble cause.

Also, if you have still not decided on the type of dance event to organize, read our detailed guide on interesting dance marathon fundraiser ideas first and then come back to this article to decide on the perfect name for your dance event.

77 Dance Fundraiser Names: Ultimate List for All Types of Dance

A. Ballroom Dance Fundraisers Names

  1. Glitz & Glamour Gala
  2. Waltzing Wonders
  3. Tango for Triumph
  4. Cha-Cha for Charity
  5. Foxtrot Fundraiser
  6. Salsa Salvo
  7. Ballroom Blitz Benefit
  8. Rumba Rave Relief
  9. Jive for Justice
  10. Quickstep Quest

B. Hip Hop Dance Fundraiser Names

  1. Beats for Benefits
  2. Breakdance Bounty
  3. Krump for Kindness
  4. Pop and Lock Profit
  5. Freestyle Fund Fiesta
  6. Street Style Success
  7. Groove and Give
  8. Hype Dance Help-a-thon
  9. Bust a Move Benefit
  10. Urban Groove Uplift

C. Latin Dance Fundraiser Names

  1. Samba for Support
  2. Rumba Relief Rally
  3. Mambo for Mission
  4. Cha-Cha Change Makers
  5. Bachata Benefit Bash
  6. Salsa for Solutions
  7. Bolero Boost
  8. Merengue Movement
  9. Pachanga Philanthropy Party
  10. Latin Dance Lifeline

D. Bollywood Fundraiser Gala Names

  1. Bhangra for Benefits
  2. Kathak Karma
  3. Bollywood Bonanza Benefit
  4. Jive for Joy
  5. Ghoomar Giving Gala
  6. Classical Kathak Charity
  7. Belly Dance Bounty
  8. Filmi Dance Fundraiser
  9. Garba for Goodness
  10. Raas Raising Resources

E. Contemporary Dance Event Names

  1. Modern Moves Marathon
  2. Lyrical Love Lift
  3. Improv for Impact
  4. Expressive Elevation
  5. Avant-Garde Aid
  6. Neo-Classical Nonprofit Night
  7. Post-Modern Philanthropy
  8. Contemporary Cares Carnival
  9. Gestures of Giving
  10. Fluid Motion Fundraiser

F. Country and Folk Dance Event Names

  1. Square Dance Support
  2. Line Dance Love
  3. Clog for a Cause
  4. Hoe-Down for Help
  5. Two-Step for Triumph
  6. Barn Dance Benefit
  7. Contra Dance Cares
  8. Folk Dance Funding Fete
  9. Country Waltz Contribution
  10. Bluegrass Boogie Boost

G. Fitness Dance Fundraising Event Names

  1. Fitness Dance Events:
  2. Zumba for Zeal
  3. Aerobic Action Aid
  4. DanceFit Donation Drive
  5. Jazzercise for Justice
  6. Piloxing Philanthropy Party
  7. Barre for Benevolence
  8. Dance Yoga Devotion
  9. Cardio Groove Giving
  10. Hip Hop Abs Help
  11. Bokwa Benefit Bash

H. Themed Dance Fundraiser Names

  1. 80s Groove Gala
  2. Disco Dance Donation
  3. Roaring 20s Rally
  4. Psychedelic 60s Support
  5. Sock Hop for Hope
  6. Swing Dance Savings
  7. Futuristic Funk Fundraiser

How to choose the perfect name for your dance fundraising event

Dance fundraiser names and ideas as per types

Type of Dance Event

A paramount factor in deciding the name of your dance fundraiser is the nature of the event you are organizing. The chosen name should be a reflection of the ambiance and magnitude of your event. For instance, a smaller, intimate dance workshop could benefit from a name that emits a sense of warmth and personal bonding.

On the contrary, a large-scale dance competition or festival would require a name that implies a grand, thrilling adventure. To illustrate, let’s revisit the name “Quickstep Quest”. This moniker insinuates a large-scale event, likely an exciting dance competition, signifying to your audience a fulfilling, impressive dance extravaganza. The name effectively encapsulates the event’s breadth while aligning it with the cause.

Genre of Dance to be Showcased

Next, the specific dance genre being showcased at your fundraiser should be mirrored in the event’s name. Varied dance forms stir different emotions and cater to diverse audiences. A ballet performance, a hip-hop dance-off, and a Latin dance night each carry their own unique allure. Therefore, the name should subtly suggest what attendees can anticipate from the dance styles.

For example, consider the name “Salsa for Solutions”. In this case, the dance style is apparent (Salsa), thereby attracting aficionados of that genre. This strategy aids your marketing efforts and ensures that attendees’ expectations align with the actual event.


The catchiness of the name is a critical, if not the most critical consideration. As discussed in our previous articles on music fundraiser name ideas as well school fundraiser name ideas, the name of a fundraiser is the first branding component of the event. It’s the hook that leaves the first impression when promoting the event.

A catchy, unforgettable name has a higher likelihood of remaining in people’s memories, increasing their chances of attending your event and possibly sharing it within their circles. Catchiness can stem from alliteration, rhymes, or simply an innovative blend of words. A case in point from our list is “Jive for Justice”. The name is catchy due to the use of alliteration, rendering it enjoyable to say and easier to recall.

Connection with the Cause

Finally, it’s essential that your event’s name establishes a lucid link to the cause you’re championing. This serves as a constant reminder to attendees of the purpose behind their presence and underscores the charitable essence of the event.

For instance, a name like “Tango for Triumph” not only intimates a dance event but also clearly aligns it with a cause of overcoming challenges, possibly raising funds for disaster relief, rehabilitation efforts, or empowerment programs.

Here are some additional suggestions to bear in mind:

Do not overthink it: While all the mentioned factors hold importance, not every name needs to encompass all of them. In reality, it would be an uphill task to come up with a name that fulfills all the naming elements outlined above. The main focus should be on catchiness while striving to incorporate at least one other relevant element in your name. Our proposed names above predominantly focus on the type of dance event as this approach offers the most clarity.

Check the legalities: It’s paramount to ensure that your chosen name doesn’t infringe on any copyrights or trademarks. Before settling on a name, conduct a thorough check to sidestep any potential legal complications. This is a crucial step in the naming process.

Make sure the name is original: The name of your event should be distinctive and not overly similar to other known dance events. This not only aids your fundraiser in standing out but also helps avoid mix-ups with other events. Crafting an original name assists in establishing a unique brand identity for your fundraiser in the dance event landscape.

Final Thoughts

Naming your dance fundraiser is a crucial step that requires careful thought and creativity.

The right name can make your event more appealing, help establish a clear brand identity, and ultimately contribute to the success of your fundraising efforts. Remember, the name of your event is the first thing people will encounter, and a well-chosen name can inspire interest, draw an audience, and foster connections to your cause.

So, as you set the stage for a successful dance fundraiser, consider these guidelines to ensure your event’s name takes the spotlight and resonates with your intended audience. With a bit of creativity and strategic thinking, your dance fundraiser name can become a memorable highlight in the dance event landscape.

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