9 Fundraising Ideas for Women-Centric Causes and Groups

Fundraising ideas for women

Fundraising ideas for women are more than just a niche concept; they are essential pathways to addressing some of the most pressing issues faced by women today. The importance of tailoring fundraising strategies specifically for women’s interests and causes cannot be overstated. Why?

Consider the statistics: one in three women globally experiences physical or sexual violence, 130 million girls are denied access to education, and women hold only 25.5% of parliamentary seats worldwide. Moreover, the persistent wage gap results in women earning approximately 77 cents for every dollar earned by men, while health disparities continue, with hundreds of women dying daily from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth.

Feminist fundraising, though vital, has its challenges. What strategies work best? How do you overcome common hurdles? This article will provide actionable and innovative fundraising ideas for women that go a lot deeper than a typical ladies’ night fundraiser.

But if you’re looking to donate right away, see our list of women’s charities, and join us as we delve into a world where fundraising is not just about money, but empowerment, empathy, and change.

Fundraising Ideas for Women: For Various Causes, Organizations and Groups

Addressing the diverse needs and causes that impact women requires tailored fundraising approaches. Here’s a look at nine innovative fundraising ideas for women that can be adapted to various causes, organizations, and groups:

Best fundraising ideas for women - conducting women's empowerment workshops

1. Host Women’s Empowerment Workshops

Women’s Empowerment Workshops present an opportunity to combine education, community building, and fundraising. These workshops must address specific needs and challenges faced by women, covering areas such as professional development, leadership training, personal growth, mental well-being, and entrepreneurial skills. Engage expert women speakers and facilitators to ensure the content is both relevant and inspiring.

Plan the workshops with precision, and collaborate with local experts, community leaders, and organizations that align with women’s empowerment.

The best way to make this effort profitable and engaging is by creating a series that caters to different age groups or life stages. Funds can be raised through ticket sales, sponsorships from businesses, or partnerships with educational institutions that support women’s causes. Explore both in-person and virtual workshops to maximize reach and impact.

This method of fundraising is ideal for organizations focusing on women’s education, professional development, and community engagement. Nonprofits working on women’s literacy, community centers enhancing women’s leadership, or universities supporting women in STEM fields should utilize this approach.

2. Create a Women’s Art Exhibition

Art transcends boundaries and speaks to the soul, making it a powerful tool for change. A Women’s Art Exhibition is not merely a display of creativity but a celebration of female artists and a platform to address women-centric causes. Women’s organizations, community centers, and art groups stand to benefit most from this unique fundraising idea. Universities with strong art programs can also leverage this concept to raise funds for scholarships for female art students or women-centric research projects.

This feminist fundraising idea involves collaboration with local female artists to host an exhibition, where the sales from the artwork go directly towards supporting women’s shelters, health clinics, or educational programs for girls.

Start by identifying artists who align with the cause and are willing to participate. Curate the collection carefully, ensuring it resonates with the theme of women’s empowerment or issues that the fundraising aims to address. Select a venue that is accessible and reflects the essence of the exhibition. Promote the event through social media, local art communities, and partnerships with galleries. Ticket sales for the event, along with the proceeds from the artwork sales, can form the fundraising component.

Women's charity run as a fundraising idea for women

3. Organize Charity Runs or Walks for Women’s Health

Organizing charity runs or walks focused on women’s health can create awareness and generate funds for critical health issues that affect women. Whether it’s breast cancer awareness, mental health support, or promoting general well-being, these events can unite communities around a shared cause.

Identify the specific health cause you want to support and set a clear goal for the event. Collaboration with health organizations, local gyms, and fitness enthusiasts will add credibility and reach. Choose a route that is safe and accessible, and obtain necessary permits and clearances.

You can further engage participants by providing themed T-shirts or medals, representing the cause. Marketing the event through local fitness groups, social media, and community centers will drive participation. Registration fees, sponsorship, and sale of merchandise related to the event can contribute to the fundraising.

This fundraising model is well-suited for health organizations, women’s groups, and community centers focused on women’s well-being. For example, a charity run for breast cancer awareness can collaborate with cancer research centers and survivor groups to create an impactful event. A mental health awareness walk can partner with local mental health organizations and therapists to provide resources and information to participants.

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4. Launch a Female Entrepreneurs’ Market

Supporting women entrepreneurs is a vital step towards economic empowerment and equality. If you are a women’s business networks, local chambers of commerce, or a nonprofit organization that focus on women’s economic empowerment, launching a Female Entrepreneurs’ Market is the perfect women’s fundraising idea for you.

A Female Entrepreneur’s Market provides a platform for women to showcase and sell their products, with a percentage of sales contributed to women’s business development programs or other women-focused causes.

Begin by identifying women entrepreneurs who offer unique products or services. Secure a venue that can accommodate vendors and attract shoppers, such as a popular community center or park. Promote the market through local business networks, women’s groups, and social media to ensure a good turnout. Collaborate with local business organizations to provide additional support, such as workshops or networking opportunities during the event. Revenue for the fundraising can come from vendor registration fees, a percentage of sales, and additional donations collected during the event.

A real-life example of this successful endeavor is the Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization, which hosts events supporting women entrepreneurs globally.

5. Curate a Women’s Film Festival

A Women’s Film Festival is about selecting films directed by women or focusing on women’s issues and hosting a festival that can draw attention to diverse female voices while raising funds for women’s advocacy groups or educational initiatives.

Start by deciding on the themes and issues that the film festival will highlight, such as women’s rights, gender equality, or showcasing the work of emerging female directors. Reach out to film schools, female filmmakers, and distribution companies to source the films. Secure a venue, such as a local theater or even a virtual platform, considering current trends and regulations. Partnerships with local film organizations, women’s groups, and educational institutions can enhance the event’s profile and reach.

Ticket sales and sponsorship deals with companies that align with women’s empowerment can contribute to fundraising. As we state in almost every article on fundraising ideas, offer different levels of tickets, including VIP access to discussions with filmmakers or exclusive previews, to increase revenue.

One successful example of this approach is the Athena Film Festival in New York, which celebrates female leadership and has become a prominent event for women in film. Another example is the Women’s Voices Now Film Festival, an online platform that promotes women’s issues through film and has been instrumental in raising awareness and funds.

Women's mentorship program

6. Develop a Mentorship Program for Women

Building a mentorship program specifically for women can have a lasting impact on personal and professional growth while also generating funds for women’s development programs. This idea works well for organizations focusing on women’s professional growth, industry-specific women’s networks, or educational institutions aiming to support female students in their career paths.

The idea is to connect experienced women professionals with those seeking guidance, with a focus on career development, entrepreneurship, leadership, or specific fields like technology, healthcare, or education.

To develop this program, first identify the target audience and the areas where mentorship will be most beneficial. Reach out to potential mentors who have expertise in these areas and are willing to commit their time. Structure the program to include one-on-one mentoring sessions, group workshops, or even virtual meetings, depending on the needs and preferences of the participants. Charge a participation fee, and seek sponsorship from companies aligned with women’s professional growth.

Follow the success of American Association of University Women (AAUW), which has implemented mentorship programs focusing on women’s leadership and career development. Another impactful program on these lines is the Cherie Blair Foundation’s Women in Business program, which offers cross-border mentorship for women entrepreneurs.

7. Host a Women’s Literature Festival

Literary societies, women’s studies departments in universities, and organizations working on women’s literacy and education could host a Women’s Literature Festival (on the lines of Women of the World – WOW Festival in London or the Jaipur Literature Festival) that can turn the power of words into actionable funds for women’s causes. This idea involves organizing a festival that features female authors, poets, and literary scholars, focusing on themes like women’s rights, experiences, achievements, and challenges.

Begin by identifying and inviting prominent female writers, as well as emerging talents in the field of literature. Choose a suitable venue, such as a library, university campus, or cultural center, and decide on the format, which can include panel discussions, readings, workshops, and book signings. Collaborate with bookstores, publishers, and literary organizations to enhance the event’s scope and credibility.

Funds can be raised through ticket sales, exclusive access to author meet-and-greets, sales of signed books, and sponsorships from literary institutions or companies that support women’s empowerment.

Hold a charity dinner by women owned restaurants to raise funds for women

8. Collaborate with Women-Owned Restaurants for Charity Dinners

This fundraising idea for women involves teaming up with local female restaurateurs who are passionate about contributing to their community. This approach is especially fitting for food-related nonprofits, women’s business associations, or community development organizations.

Identify women-owned restaurants that align with the cause and are willing to participate in the charity dinner event. Plan a special menu or theme for the evening that resonates with the cause, such as featuring dishes from women chefs around the world or using ingredients sourced from women-owned farms. Promote the event through local media, social networks, and community organizations to attract diners who are enthusiastic about supporting women’s initiatives.

The funds can be raised through ticket sales for the dinner, silent auctions during the event, or special offerings like exclusive cooking classes with the chefs. Consider providing information about the cause during the dinner to educate attendees and inspire additional support.

9. Create a Subscription Box Service with Women-Made Products

Creating a subscription box filled with products made by women artisans is an innovative and continuous way to support women’s empowerment, education programs, and various other women-centric initiatives. This women’s fundraising idea leverages the appeal of unique, handcrafted products and connects them directly to subscribers who appreciate and support women’s creativity and entrepreneurship.

First, identify women artisans and entrepreneurs who create products that fit the theme of the subscription box, such as handmade jewelry, organic skincare, culinary delights, or artisanal crafts. Collaborate with them to curate a selection of items that not only offer value to the subscribers but also tell a story related to women’s empowerment.

Promote the subscription box through various channels, highlighting the uniqueness of the products and the impact of the subscription fee on women’s lives. Part of the subscription fee can be dedicated to supporting women’s educational, professional development, or health programs.

This idea has been put into practice by GlobeIn, which offers subscription boxes filled with handcrafted items from artisans around the world, with a focus on empowering women.

Final Thoughts

Women’s fundraising is an inspiring and dynamic field, marked by innovative initiatives led by women across the globe. While facing challenges such as gender bias and limited access to networks, determined efforts are breaking down these barriers, creating new opportunities.

The inclusion of men and allies, embracing future trends like technological integration, and focusing on real human stories have enhanced the effectiveness of these endeavors.

The success of efforts such as Malala’s fund and Tory Burch Foundation underscores the potential impact of well-executed fundraising strategies.

The opportunities to make a tangible difference in women’s lives are vast and varied. It’s about creating a world where women’s voices are central, rights are protected, and opportunities are equitable. These aren’t mere gestures but are concrete paths toward uplifting and empowering women globally. This mission transcends traditional fundraising and evolves into a broader social commitment, urging everyone to take action now.

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