8 Effective Fundraising Ideas for Orphans & Orphanages

Looking for fundraising ideas for orphans and orphanages? Excellent! You are working towards an important cause and this article has you covered.

As quoted in our article on the best charities for orphans, according to Desmond Tutu, orphans are the world’s responsibility, and we cannot let them down.

Some key facts related to orphans

  • As of July 2022, there were approximately 147 million orphans in the world (UNICEF)
  • Approximately 5700 children become orphans every day (Adoption.org)
  • In the USA, there are approximately 113,000 children waiting to be adopted (AFCARS report)

Orphans are probably the most vulnerable humans on this planet. They are completely at the mercy of donor and orphanage funds for their wellbeing. They go through numerous hardships all through their childhood because of the lack of stable families and caretakers. Not only do they deal with a sense of neglect and identity crisis, but they also suffer on account of a lack of basic supplies like clothes, bags, books, and toys.

This article will provide you with 8 effective fundraising ideas for orphans and orphanages. The reason why we are only recommending 9 ideas is that we believe these to be most effective at generating large sums of money for orphans. If you genuinely want to make an impact and improve the lives of orphans, it makes more sense to opt for these ideas than to expend your energy on bake sales, photo booths, etc that only generate smaller amounts of revenue.

But, if you do not have the required experience or resources to implement some of these highly effective fundraising ideas for orphans, you’ll also get a list of ideas for fundraising for orphans at the end of this article that are easier to implement and can work for smaller organizations or groups.

So read on to find out all about the most effective orphan fundraising ideas.

8 Effective Fundraising Ideas for Orphans and Orphanages

1. Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding, even though, comes across as an overused way of fundraising is still one of the most effective ways to raise funds for orphans or orphanages.

This is because they leverage the power of the internet to get donations from all types of donors – large, small, individual or organizational. It goes beyond geographic limits and has the potential to tap into generous donors all across the planet.

The setup of a crowdfunding campaign is fairly straightforward too.

You could use a platform like GoFundMe or cheaper or free platforms like FreeFundr, FundRazr, or GiveButter.

For massive success with your crowdfunding efforts for orphans

  • Explain who you are and why you are raising money
  • Add a compelling story to your campaign – one where you explain how exactly your funds would help an orphan live a better life
  • Give a detailed break-up of how you would appropriate the funds received
  • Explain why crowdfunding seemed to be the most effective way to raise funds

After you create a crowdfunding page, you must reach out to your community members, people within your social circles, those on your email list, and your past supporters through email. Also, promote your campaign page on social media channels with a clear ‘Call To Action.’

Use compelling images in your social media campaigns. Make people sitting in fancy offices and positions of authority feel the pain of orphans and their distressing living conditions.

2. Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Peer-to-peer fundraising or P2P, as it is popularly known, stands out as an inventive and meaningful way to pool funds for orphanages. The underlying principle of P2P fundraising is leveraging personal networks, a method that is inherently personal and thus leads to more conversions as opposed to an organization using a standard crowdfunding campaign.

For the =most effectiveness, you could pair a classic peer-to-peer fundraising campaign with a crowdfunding campaign.

Kickstarting a P2P campaign is not rocket science. You can set the ball rolling with platforms like DonorDrive, Classy or if you are budget-conscious, Give Lively is a great no-cost alternative.

To raise massive sums of money with your P2P fundraising,

  • Identify your die-hard supporters who are ready to go the extra mile for your cause
  • Arm them with the resources to ignite their own small-scale fundraising flames for your cause
  • Give them a collection of heart-wrenching tales and visuals that can tug at the heartstrings of their network, enticing donations
  • Prompt them to weave their personal stories around the cause, rendering a more sincere and persuasive appeal

Once your campaigners are primed, it’s time for them to tap into their networks. They can exploit emails, social media, or even good old chatter. Persuade them to follow up actively with people who show interest in their campaigns and posts. Peer-to-peer success depends on following through as most people are hesitant to donate impulsively.

It’s important to keep in mind that the magic of P2P fundraising lies in employing campaigners who feel genuinely for the cause of orphans and not volunteers merely looking to clock community service hours.

3. Social Media Challenge

If your organization has a youth demographic, exploiting the craze of social media challenges to raise funds for orphans could be highly lucrative and easy to execute.

This method banks on the viral nature of social media platforms, creating ripple effects that can potentially reach far and wide, crossing borders and time zones. But that’s also why this medium is most effective if the primary members of your organization are youngsters who are hooked to social media and interested in participating in fun challenges.

A social media challenge can be executed on any platform like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok or all of these. Choose one where your target donors are most active. Keep the communication crisp and clear. Explain the rules of the challenge, how it benefits the cause, and encourage people to donate.

The social media challenge can essentially be executed in 4 simple steps –

  • Think of a unique, easy-to-do, and fun challenge that resonates with your cause
  • Associate a specific hashtag with your challenge to track its progress and spread
  • Encourage participants to tag their friends and family to get more people involved
  • Share updates and progress of the challenge to keep participants engaged and motivated.

The success or failure of this challenge lies in how widely the challenge spreads.

This way of raising funds for the cause of orphans would work best when executed by youth wings, schools, large corporates with a young workforce, a non-profit with branches and volunteers all across the country, etc.

4. Online Auction of Art

Online Auction of Art could be highly lucrative as generous people with high net worths are willing to spend thousands of dollars on art.

In fact, this fundraising idea for orphans could turn out to be the dark horse in your fundraising efforts for orphanages. Moreover, initiating an online art auction isn’t a Herculean task. You can set the stage using platforms like BiddingOwl or Charity Auctions Today, or even Ebay’s charity wing.

To make your online art auction an irresistible event,

  • Collaborate with local artists who are willing to donate their artwork to the cause
  • Curate an eclectic mix of art pieces that cater to different tastes and budgets
  • Describe each piece vividly, mentioning details of the art, the artist, and how proceeds from it would benefit the orphans

Promote the auction extensively within your network, and use your social media platforms for wider reach. Tap into platforms like LinkedIn which are actively used by large corporates, businessmen, and high net-worth individuals. Reach out to celebrities working towards the cause of orphans and orphanages to get generous bids for the artwork.

As with every other fundraising idea in this list, share how the proceeds of the funds generated would be used, Transparency in sales and auctions conducted for charitable causes is non-negotiable for earning the trust of prospective donors.

5. Sponsor a child

The reason why Sponsor-A-Child initiatives continue to be used as a fundraising idea for orphans is that they are straightforward and highly effective. The Sponsor-A-Child initiativ often proves to be a goldmine for orphanages aiming to secure steady funding.

Starting a Sponsor-A-Child program doesn’t need a magic wand. You can set it up on your existing website or through dedicated platforms like Children.org or WorldVision.

To make your Sponsor-A-Child program a runaway success,

  • Identify the children who are most in need and create engaging profiles for each, detailing their aspirations, hobbies, and dreams
  • Set clear sponsorship levels and what each level entails for the sponsor and the child
  • Keep sponsors updated about their sponsored child’s progress, milestones achieved, and how their contribution is making a difference
  • Reach out to potential sponsors through email, social media, and in-person events, sharing stories of children waiting for sponsorship
  • Share stories of past campaigns that have been successful and how they have made a positive difference to the lives of the children sponsored.
  • Make sure to appreciate your sponsors, send thank-you notes, and remind them of the profound impact they’re making in a child’s life

Remember, the magic of the Sponsor-A-Child program is in its personal touch. It allows sponsors to see firsthand how their contributions are transforming lives. So, create a program that not only collects funds but also fosters lasting bonds between sponsors and the children they support.

6. Corporate Sponsorships and Partnerships

Corporate Sponsorships and Partnerships, while often overlooked, can indeed be a gold rush for orphanages seeking substantial financial aid.

This approach leverages businesses’ corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives, providing a two-way street of benefits – support for your cause and a boost to the company’s public image.

Creating a corporate sponsorship or partnership doesn’t necessitate complex paperwork or back-breaking negotiations. You could approach this through your existing contacts, networking events, or directly contacting businesses.

For your Corporate Sponsorships and Partnerships program to hit the bullseye,

  • Identify businesses whose CSR initiatives align with your cause
  • Create an appealing sponsorship package that outlines how the business stands to gain from the partnership
  • Keep the lines of communication open, updating the sponsors about how their funds are making a difference
  • Use your social media platforms and email newsletters to give due credit to your sponsors
  • Show appreciation for their partnership, providing them with certificates, plaques, or even public acknowledgments at your events

The strength of Corporate Sponsorships and Partnerships lies in mutual growth and development. So, shape a partnership that not only aids your cause but also brings tangible benefits for your corporate partners, fortifying your bond for years to come.

7. Film screenings

Film Screenings, while seeming a bit off the beaten path, can prove to be a rewarding source of funding for orphanages, transforming an entertaining night into an impactful event. This method marries the enchanting world of cinema with the spirit of charity, creating a memorable experience that also empowers the cause.

Host an outdoor screening in your backyard, rent a local theater, or even conduct a virtual event.

To ensure your Film Screening turns into a blockbuster fundraiser,

  • Choose a film that aligns with your cause and can stir emotions in your audience
  • Sell tickets online or at the venue, clearly stating how the proceeds contribute to the orphanage
  • Organize a brief talk before the screening to educate the audience about your cause and the impact of their contributions
  • Set up a donation box or an online donation link for those who’d like to contribute more
  • Show your appreciation by thanking attendees for their support and participation

If possible collect the email addresses or attendees and take permission from them to get in touch with them for future events or fundraisers. This allows you to increase your base of people you can approach for donations and fundraisers.

8. Benefit Concerts and Performances

Benefit Concerts and Performances, despite appearing to be a massive operation, can unexpectedly strike a chord and bring in substantial funds for orphanages.

This approach uses the crowd-pulling charm of music and performance arts as a magnet for funds and awareness alike.

Crafting a Benefit Concert or Performance doesn’t necessarily entail a large venue or a celebrity line-up. Local talents or even enthusiastic amateur performers could draw in crowds if managed with finesse.

To ensure your Benefit Concert strikes the right chords and also generates funds for orphans,

  • Work out a line-up that boasts variety – mixing up local bands, budding artists, and perhaps a surprise guest appearance. This diversity keeps the energy high and the audience engaged.
  • Think beyond ticket sales. Food and beverage stalls, raffles, and merchandise booths with items linked to the cause could add significant additional income.
  • Leverage the power of local influencers and media to create a buzz around your event. Their followers can become your attendees and ultimately, contributors.
  • Timing is crucial. Holding the concert on a holiday or closer to payday could result in higher footfall and generosity.
  • Don’t just thank your attendees and performers. Show them the difference they’ve made. Follow up with an email or a social media post detailing the funds raised and the impact it would have on the orphans.

Benefit concerts and performances rely heavily on the volunteers and the team organizing the event. Choose your volunteers wisely. Make sure they identify with the cause of orphan support and work in a committed manner toward the success of the event.

Fundraising Ideas for Orphans: For Smaller Organizations and Individuals

The ideas listed below are common. But they are all common because they are so easy to execute with limited manpower. Some can even be executed by an individual.

While the amount of funds generated through these events may not match the funds generated using the above ideas, they would result in helping the cause of orphans. Orphanages could rely on these fundraising ideas when they need money for specific needs like school supplies, books, bedding, etc.

Bake Sale: A community bake sale can stir up some sweet funds. From brownies to cupcakes, the appeal of homemade treats never fades.

Car Wash Fundraiser: With a few buckets, sponges, and volunteers, a car wash can clean up nicely in donations while providing a useful service.

Charity Run/Walk: A charity run or walk promotes health and community spirit while raising funds and awareness for your cause.

T-Shirt Sales: Selling custom-made t-shirts not only raises funds but also helps spread the word about your cause.

Book Sale: Encourage book donations and hold a book sale. A paradise for book lovers, this can turn old books into new funds.

Yard Sale: Encourage community members to donate items for a yard sale. One person’s clutter can be another’s treasure and a child’s support.

Donation Boxes: Place donation boxes in local businesses. Small change from many can sum up to substantial support.

Coffee Morning: A social event where attendees donate a small amount for coffee and snacks can perk up your fundraising.

Candle Fundraiser: Selling candles, especially around holidays or special occasions, can brighten up your fundraising efforts.

Spare Change Drive: Encourage students or employees to bring in spare change over a period of time. It’s surprising how quickly small change can add up!

Calendar Fundraising: Create and sell calendars featuring artwork or pictures related to your cause. A year-round reminder of their contribution, these calendars can provide consistent support.

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