9 Amazing Fundraising Ideas for High School Football

Highschool football fundraising ideas

Are you searching for effective fundraising ideas for high school football? Do you find yourself constantly brainstorming new ideas only to hit dead ends? Are you looking for creative and budget-friendly ways to enhance your high school football program? Wondering how to ignite enthusiasm among players, parents, and fans while raising essential funds for your program?

You’re in the right place! 

Here, we’ve gathered nine amazing fundraising ideas for high school football teams. These ideas are guaranteed to energize your fundraising campaigns. Let’s kick off an extraordinary season of football and fundraising together!

But first some caveats – these ideas aren’t going to be new and out-of-the-box. At times, using historically successful school fundraising ideas with a slight twist, a different kind of branding and a renewed energy works the best. Go through the list carefully, choose a few ideas and then use ones that are likely to get you maximum engagement and therefore donations!

9 Stellar Fundraising Ideas for High School

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Ready to dive straight into the ideas on offer here? Let’s get started. Each idea is broken down into the key concept and quick tips to maximize revenue when putting these ideas into action.

Stadium Seat Naming Rights Auction

Get your school community involved and generate funds by organizing a stadium seat naming rights auction. This unique football fundraising idea allows individuals or businesses to bid on the naming rights for seats in your school’s stadium. Here’s how you can make it a successful event:

  • Promote the auction through various channels, including social media, school newsletters, and local businesses, to attract potential bidders.
  • Provide clear guidelines and terms for the auction, including the duration of naming rights and any restrictions.
  • Host the auction at a prominent school event or online platform to maximize visibility and participation.
  • Offer incentives for high bids, such as VIP seating or recognition on a plaque at the stadium.

Ensure transparency and fairness throughout the auction process to maintain trust and encourage competitive bidding.

Football-Themed Merchandise Sale

A football-themed merchandise sale is an excellent fundraising idea for high school football. Tap into the enthusiasm of sports fans by offering a range of merchandise such as jerseys, hats, and accessories featuring your school’s football team logo. Sounds boring and overused? Here are some ways to maximize its potential –

Here’s how to score big with this fundraising idea:

  • Collaborate with local vendors or manufacturers to produce high-quality merchandise at competitive prices. Great quality attracts customers willing to spend money guaranteeing better collections with lesser efforts.
  • Set up a dedicated sales booth or online store to showcase and sell the football-themed merchandise to students, parents, and alumni. Don’t rely on those boring offline stall sales.
  • Offer special promotions or discounts for bulk purchases to incentivize supporters to buy more.
  • Ensure efficient logistics and inventory management to handle orders and deliveries smoothly.

With a football-themed merchandise sale, you can rally support for your school’s football team while raising funds for important school initiatives.

Alumni Football Game Fundraiser

Bring together past and present students for an exciting alumni football game fundraiser. Organize a friendly match between alumni teams, inviting former players to relive their glory days on the field.

Here’s how you can make this event a touchdown:

  • Reach out to alumni through social media, email newsletters, and alumni associations to recruit players and generate interest in the event.
  • Secure a suitable venue and arrange for necessary equipment, such as footballs and jerseys, for the game.
  • Sell tickets to spectators and offer sponsorship opportunities for local businesses to support the event financially.

Don’t just stick to the football game to raise funds. Go that extra mile. Organize additional activities such as halftime entertainment or concession stands to enhance the game-day experience. Also make sure to capture memories of the event through photos and videos to share on social media and commemorate the reunion of alumni. Now it sounds like a promising idea, doesn’t it?

Football Camp for Kids Fundraiser

Kids football camp as one of the fundraising ideas for high school football. In the photo - 3 kids wearing football jerseys sitting on the field

A football camp for kids can be your next big fundraising idea for high school football. Provide young athletes with the opportunity to learn essential football skills and techniques from experienced coaches and players. 

Promote the camp through schools, community centers, and sports clubs to attract participants. Charge a registration fee for participants to attend the camp, with proceeds going towards your school’s fundraising goals.

Here’s how to kick off this fundraising idea:

  • Partner with local sports organizations or professional football players to organize and run the football camp.
  • Offer a variety of activities and drills tailored to different age groups and skill levels to ensure an enjoyable and rewarding experience for all participants.
  • Provide participants with branded merchandise or certificates of participation as souvenirs and incentives to encourage future involvement in school sports programs.

Football-Themed 5K Charity Run/Walk Fundraiser

Get your school community moving and raise funds with a football-themed 5K charity run/walk fundraiser. 

Here’s how to make this event a winning play:

  • Design custom race bibs and T-shirts featuring your school’s football team logo to enhance the event’s branding and visibility.
  • Offer incentives for fundraising milestones, such as exclusive merchandise or entry into prize drawings, to motivate participants to raise additional funds.
  • Partner with local businesses or sponsors to provide refreshments, entertainment, and prizes for participants and volunteers.

Capture the excitement of the event through photos and videos to share on social media and inspire future participation.

Game-Day Program Advertisement Sales

This is a great fundraising idea for high school football. Offer local businesses and sponsors the opportunity to promote their products and services to attendees while supporting your school’s athletic programs. 

Create an attractive and professionally designed game-day program featuring information about the teams, players, and upcoming events. Reach out to local businesses and sponsors to sell advertisement space in the game-day program, offering different pricing tiers based on ad size and placement.

  • Promote the game-day program and its advertisers through social media, email newsletters, and announcements during sporting events to maximize exposure and sales.
  • Offer incentives for advertisers, such as complimentary tickets to games or recognition on your school’s website and social media platforms.
  • Ensure timely production and distribution of the game-day program to attendees and supporters to maximize engagement and revenue potential.

With game-day program advertisement sales, you can showcase local businesses and sponsors while raising funds to support your school’s football team and athletic programs.

Fantasy Football League Entry Fees Support

Organize a fantasy football league with entry fees to support your school’s football team. Invite students, parents, faculty, and alumni to join the league and compete against each other for bragging rights and prizes. Here’s how to draft a winning strategy:

  • Set up a fantasy football league platform or use existing online platforms to facilitate registration, team management, and scoring.
  • Charge an entry fee for participants to join the league, with proceeds earmarked to support your school’s football team and athletic programs.
  • Offer incentives for league winners, such as trophies, gift cards, or tickets to sporting events, to encourage friendly competition and engagement.

Provide regular updates and analysis on league standings, player performances, and upcoming matchups to keep participants informed and engaged throughout the season.

Football-Themed Trivia Night Fundraiser

Football trivia night - picture of a man writing trivia on a piee of paper to suggesting using it as a fundraising idea for highschool football

Test your school community’s knowledge of football with a trivia night fundraiser. Challenge participants to answer questions about football history, players, teams, and famous plays while competing for prizes and bragging rights. Here’s how to score big with this fundraising idea:

  • Prepare a variety of football-themed trivia questions covering different aspects of the sport, including rules, terminology, and famous moments.
  • Charge a nominal entry fee for participants to join the trivia night.
  • Offer incentives for winning teams or individuals, such as gift cards, football memorabilia, or tickets to sporting events, to motivate participation and competition.
  • Create a festive atmosphere with football-themed decorations, snacks, and beverages to enhance the event experience for participants and spectators.

A football-themed trivia night is an excellent fundraising idea for high school football. You can engage your school community in a fun way and raise funds to support your school’s football team and athletic programs.

“Game Day Experience” Package Auction

Offer football fans the ultimate game day experience with a package auction fundraiser. Auction off exclusive packages that include VIP tickets, sideline access, meet-and-greet opportunities with players or coaches, and other exciting perks. Here’s how you can execute this idea::

  • Curate a variety of “game day experience” packages that cater to different interests and budgets, such as premium seating, pre-game tailgates, stadium tours, or autographed memorabilia.
  • Host the auction at a prominent school event or online platform to reach a wide audience and encourage competitive bidding.
  • Provide detailed descriptions and photos of each package to showcase the unique opportunities and incentives available to bidders.
  • Ensure transparency and fairness throughout the auction process, including clear bidding rules, payment procedures, and delivery logistics for winning bidders.

These fundraising ideas for high school football promise an engaging way to rally support for your team. From brain-teasing trivia nights to immersive game-day experiences, each initiative offers a unique opportunity for involvement. Orchestrate these events with precision and enthusiasm. It will ensure a fruitful fundraising season.

Embrace the excitement of these fundraising endeavors and seize the chance to make a lasting impact on your high school football program. So, step up, mobilize your team, and embark on a journey to elevate your high school football experience through these dynamic fundraising ideas.

Final Thoughts

School fundraisers are overdone and have become one of the biggest pain points for parents. But they are necessary to keep the well-being of the school, to keep the various school clubs running and to promote school talent. So while you are trying to generate funds for a specific cause like that of high-school fundraising, make sure you also check other fundraising efforts being implemented in school.

Avoid using a tactic that’s already been used for some other cause in the recent past. Likewise, football team fundraising is a specific ask that may not resonate with many people. So the idea you use must be value-packed for all types of people including those that don’t really care much about football or school sports teams.

With the right kind of objective-setting and execution, any of the above football fundraising events could be grand success. All the best!

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