9 Christmas Wreath Fundraisers: Ideas + Pro Tips

Christmas Wreath Fundraisers

When it comes to the holiday season, Christmas wreath fundraisers are more than just a Christmas festivity. They are an excellent fundraising idea to bring in donations and funds for your organization—they’re a community-building endeavor with a side of cheer. But why opt for this classic fundraising avenue? Well, a Christmas wreath fundraiser not only offers an aesthetically pleasing and functional product but also serves as an interactive way to engage your community. Have you ever felt the crunch of needing to raise funds quickly but found conventional methods too cumbersome or ineffective? Perhaps you’ve questioned whether your fundraiser could both attract participants and yield a significant profit.

In 2022, holiday retail sales in the United States were estimated to be around $936.3 billion, demonstrating high consumer engagement during this season. Moreover, nonprofits raise up to 30% of their annual donations during December alone. Clearly, the holiday period is fertile ground for fundraising, and Christmas wreath fundraisers could be your golden ticket.

This article will delve into unique and creative ideas to make your Christmas wreath fundraiser stand out, addressing challenges like community engagement, cost-effectiveness, and environmental impact. Get ready to deck the halls and fill your fundraising coffers!

Top 3 Ideas Christmas Wreath Fundraisers

Don’t have time to read the full article? Here are the top 3 Christmas Wreath Fundraisers in terms of profitability of the fundraiser:

  1. Subscription Wreaths: Consistent revenue through recurring donations makes this model highly profitable over time.
  2. Edible Wreaths: Broad appeal and the potential for additional revenue through ‘Refill Packs’ could result in a high ROI.
  3. Tech-Enabled Wreaths: The premium pricing for innovative features could offset the higher upfront costs, yielding a substantial return.

You can read more details on each idea in the section below.

Best Christmas Wreath Fundraisers

Ready to elevate your holiday fundraising game? Dive into our curated list of the 9 best Christmas wreath fundraisers, each offering a unique twist to capture hearts and donations this festive season.

1. Wreath Decorating Contest

The Wreath Decorating Contest takes a hands-on approach to fundraising. You sell undecorated wreaths to community members who then personalize them with their own flair. Once decorated, these wreaths are returned for a community-wide contest, judged by local celebrities or artists. Following the contest, the unique wreaths are auctioned off to raise additional funds for your organization.

Tips to Execute the Idea:

  • Secure a reliable vendor for high-quality, undecorated wreaths.
  • Create a straightforward submission process for the decorated wreaths.
  • Partner with local businesses to provide prizes for the winners, increasing community engagement.
  • Develop a robust marketing plan to publicize the contest, including both social media and traditional channels like local newspapers.

Pro-Tip to Maximize Donations: Set up an online voting system where people can vote for their favorite wreaths for a small fee, adding another layer of fundraising to the event.

Things to Be Mindful Of:
Organizing a Wreath Decorating Contest requires significant community engagement, so start publicizing the event well in advance. Potential pitfalls include not having enough participation or running out of undecorated wreaths. This idea works particularly well for organizations with a strong local presence and a community willing to participate in artistic endeavors. One often-overlooked factor is storage for the decorated wreaths as they come in; make sure you have adequate space to hold them until the contest and auction.

Material Needed:

  • Undecorated wreaths
  • Submission forms for participants
  • Storage bins for incoming decorated wreaths
  • Prizes for contest winners
  • Marketing materials (posters, social media posts)

2. DIY Wreath Kits

DIY Wreath Kits elevate the traditional wreath-selling fundraiser by offering all the materials and instructions needed to create a beautiful Christmas wreath at home. These kits can be themed, such as “Traditional,” “Rustic,” or “Modern,” providing your community with a unique, customized experience that aligns with their personal style. You can sell these kits as part of other Christmas fundraising stalls.

Tips to Execute the Idea:

  • Source quality, easy-to-use materials that fit into different thematic kits.
  • Include step-by-step written and/or video instructions to guide participants through the wreath-making process.
  • Price the kits in a way that covers the material cost while ensuring a healthy profit margin.
  • Partner with a local influencer to promote the kits, thereby reaching a wider audience.

Pro-Tip to Maximize Donations: Offer an ‘Express Kit’ at a higher price point that comes with pre-assembled components, targeting those who may not have the time but still wish to participate.

Things to Be Mindful Of:
The success of the DIY Wreath Kits heavily depends on the quality of the materials and the clarity of the instructions. A common pitfall could be overcomplicating the design, making it too challenging for people to complete. This idea is ideal for organizations with a diverse community willing to engage in a hands-on project. Also, be mindful of shipping logistics if you plan to offer this fundraiser to a broader geographic area. Don’t underestimate the importance of clear and simple instructions; participants are looking for a fun experience, not a complex project that feels like work.

Material Needed:

  • Wreath forms (straw, foam, wire, etc.)
  • Various decorations (ribbons, ornaments, pinecones, etc.)
  • Floral wire or hot glue sticks
  • Step-by-step instruction guides
  • Packaging materials (boxes, bubble wrap)

3. Scented Wreaths

Scented Wreaths take the traditional Christmas wreath to the next sensory level by incorporating aromatic elements. Each wreath comes with attachable scented sachets, such as pine, cinnamon, or winterberry. This creates a multi-sensory experience, making homes smell as festive as they look.

Tips to Execute the Idea:

  • Collaborate with local artisans who specialize in natural scents to create unique sachets.
  • Offer a variety of scent options to appeal to a wider customer base.
  • Use secure yet easily removable attachments for the sachets so customers can choose whether or not to use them.
  • Integrate the scents into the marketing strategy, explaining the added value of a multi-sensory holiday decoration.

Pro-Tip to Maximize Donations: Create limited-edition ‘Holiday Collection’ scents that are available at a premium price, generating exclusivity and excitement.

Things to Be Mindful Of:
Producing Scented Wreaths may require a higher initial investment due to the added cost of sachets. Make sure to assess the longevity and strength of the scents, as customers will be disappointed if the scent fades quickly. This fundraising idea is best suited for organizations with an audience appreciative of home décor and willing to spend a little extra for a unique experience. Keep in mind potential allergy concerns; always disclose the materials used in your scented sachets.

Material Needed:

  • Unscented wreaths as the base
  • Aromatic sachets in various scents
  • Attachments for securing sachets to the wreaths (small clips or ties)
  • Marketing materials highlighting the unique scent feature
  • Packaging that preserves the scent until the customer receives it

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4. Subscription Wreaths

Subscription Wreaths offer a unique, ongoing engagement with your community by delivering a new, seasonally themed wreath each month. The subscription service kicks off with a Christmas wreath and continues with designs for New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, and other holidays or seasons throughout the year.

Tips to Execute the Idea:

  • Use a reliable e-commerce platform that can handle subscription payments and automatic renewals.
  • Plan the entire year’s worth of wreath themes in advance for better inventory management.
  • Offer the option of gifting a subscription, broadening the customer base.
  • Communicate clearly about delivery timelines and any additional shipping costs involved.

Pro-Tip to Maximize Donations: Introduce a ‘VIP Subscription’ that includes additional perks like free shipping or a bonus miniature wreath.

Things to Be Mindful Of:
Subscription services require excellent logistical planning and a long-term commitment to maintaining product quality and customer service. Be cautious of over-committing and under-delivering, as one weak month can result in multiple subscription cancellations. This model works best for organizations with existing infrastructure for large-scale production and distribution. Also, it’s vital to keep an eye on customer churn rates and to solicit feedback for continuous improvement.

Material Needed:

  • Varied wreath forms and decorations to cover each month’s theme
  • A robust e-commerce platform capable of managing subscriptions
  • Packaging materials that can withstand long-term shipping
  • Inventory management software
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) tools to keep subscribers engaged

5. Wreaths Around the World

Wreaths Around the World offers a culturally enriching twist on traditional Christmas wreaths by featuring designs inspired by different countries and their holiday traditions. This adds an educational element to the fundraiser, allowing your community to explore global customs while enjoying their festive décor.

Tips to Execute the Idea:

  • Research various cultural holidays and traditions to generate authentic wreath ideas.
  • Source materials that are representative of each culture’s traditional holiday decorations.
  • Create accompanying informational cards or QR codes that lead to educational content about each wreath’s cultural significance.
  • Collaborate with cultural organizations or influencers to bring credibility and outreach to the initiative.

Pro-Tip to Maximize Donations: Offer a bundled package of smaller, international-themed wreaths at a discounted rate to encourage multiple purchases.

Things to Be Mindful Of:
This idea requires a meticulous approach to cultural research to ensure authenticity and sensitivity. The risk of cultural appropriation or misrepresentation is a serious concern, so it may be necessary to consult with cultural experts during the planning phase. This fundraiser is particularly well-suited for educational institutions or organizations focused on cultural awareness and diversity. Make sure to provide plenty of educational context for each wreath to add value and avoid misunderstandings.

Material Needed:

  • Wreath bases in various shapes and sizes
  • Culturally specific decorations and materials
  • Informational cards or QR codes linked to educational content
  • Marketing materials highlighting the cultural aspect
  • Collaboration agreements with cultural organizations or influencers

6. Memory Lane Wreaths

Memory Lane Wreaths incorporate sentimental items or themes relevant to your community or cause. Whether it’s memorabilia from a local sports team, historical landmarks, or symbols that represent your charity’s mission, these wreaths resonate on a deeply emotional level with your supporters.

Tips to Execute the Idea:

  • Survey your community or donor base to identify items or themes that hold sentimental value.
  • Use quality materials that protect and preserve the special elements, especially if they’re irreplaceable or delicate.
  • Clearly communicate the story or significance behind each wreath through marketing channels.
  • Offer customization options for donors who wish to add their own personal items to a pre-made wreath.

Pro-Tip to Maximize Donations: Host a virtual ‘Memory Lane Story Hour’ where community members can share stories related to the wreath themes; charge a small admission fee for this sentimental event.

Things to Be Mindful Of:
The personal nature of Memory Lane Wreaths demands a careful selection of themes and items to ensure they strike the right chord with your audience. Failure to do so may result in wreaths that miss the mark emotionally, limiting their appeal. This idea is especially fitting for organizations with a long history in the community or causes that people have a strong emotional connection to. Also, be cautious about the legalities of using copyrighted or trademarked material.

Material Needed:

  • Wreath forms suitable for heavier or unique items
  • High-quality, durable decorations that are thematically appropriate
  • Secure attachments for special items
  • Detailed informational tags explaining the wreath’s significance
  • Customization kits for those who wish to personalize their wreaths

7. Edible Wreaths

Edible Wreaths blend culinary creativity with festive cheer. These wreaths feature an arrangement of non-perishable food items like dried fruits, spices, or even small packaged snacks. They offer both a visual and a gastronomic treat, giving people a unique, multi-sensory way to celebrate the holiday season.

Tips to Execute the Idea:

  • Choose food items with longer shelf lives to ensure the wreaths stay fresh until they’re consumed.
  • Design the wreath so that items can be easily removed and eaten without dismantling the entire arrangement.
  • Include a list of the food items and their nutritional information as a responsible touch.
  • Offer different themes, such as “Tropical Paradise” with dried fruits or “Spice Market” featuring an array of spices.

Pro-Tip to Maximize Donations: Offer a ‘Refill Pack’ that allows customers to replenish the edible items on their wreaths, creating an additional revenue stream.

Things to Be Mindful Of:
Food safety is the top concern when creating Edible Wreaths. Make sure that all items are securely attached in a way that prevents contamination. This fundraising idea is particularly suitable for food banks or culinary schools but could be a hit with any community that loves to eat. Beware of potential allergies and always include a full list of ingredients for each food item on the wreath. One often-overlooked aspect is local regulations surrounding the sale of food items, so be sure to check those as well.

Material Needed:

  • Wreath bases designed for food attachment
  • Assorted non-perishable food items
  • Food-safe attachments or small containers
  • Nutritional information tags
  • Protective packaging to preserve food quality

8. Eco-Friendly Wreaths

Eco-friendly wreaths tap into the growing demand for sustainable products. These wreaths are made entirely from recycled, upcycled, or biodegradable materials, offering a guilt-free decorative option for the environmentally conscious consumer.

Tips to Execute the Idea:

  • Partner with local recycling centers or eco-friendly organizations to source sustainable materials.
  • Clearly label the wreaths with the types of eco-friendly materials used, providing transparency.
  • Use natural adhesives or ties like hemp rope to maintain the eco-friendly ethos.
  • Market the eco-friendliness as a key selling point, explaining the impact of each purchase.

Pro-Tip to Maximize Donations: Include a small seed packet with each wreath, encouraging recipients to plant something new as a symbol of renewal.

Things to Be Mindful Of:
While the eco-friendly angle can attract a dedicated segment of consumers, it may also demand a higher production cost for sourcing sustainable materials. This fundraiser is most suitable for organizations with a focus on environmental advocacy or education. Make sure to provide evidence or certifications for your sustainability claims to avoid accusations of “greenwashing.” It’s also crucial to think about the end life of the wreath; ensure it can be easily disassembled for recycling or composting.

Material Needed:

  • Biodegradable or recycled wreath forms
  • Upcycled decorations like fabric scraps, old ornaments, or aluminum can tabs
  • Natural adhesives or ties like hemp rope
  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • Certifications or labels indicating the eco-friendliness of materials

9. Tech-Enabled Wreaths

Tech-Enabled Wreaths fuse tradition with innovation by incorporating smart technology into the design. These wreaths can come with pre-installed LED lights that sync to music, motion sensors that trigger festive animations, or even built-in cameras for a seasonal security twist. They offer a modern take on a time-honored decoration.

Tips to Execute the Idea:

  • Collaborate with local tech shops or engineering schools for expertise in integrating technology seamlessly.
  • Ensure all electronic components are weather-resistant if the wreath is intended for outdoor use.
  • Offer a user manual or an instructional video to assist customers in utilizing the tech features.
  • Use a simple plug-and-play design that requires minimal setup for the customer.

Pro-Tip to Maximize Donations: Include a feature where a portion of the wreath’s sales or activation fee goes directly to a charity, making each purchase feel even more meaningful.

Things to Be Mindful Of:
Tech-enabled wreaths require a higher upfront cost and technical know-how. Make sure to thoroughly test all electronic components to avoid malfunctioning products. This idea is ideal for organizations or schools with strong STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) programs or tech-savvy communities. Keep in mind that while the tech aspect can be exciting, it should not compromise the essential charm and aesthetics of a traditional wreath.

Material Needed:

  • Wreath forms designed to accommodate electronic components
  • Durable LED lights or other smart technology
  • Weather-resistant encasings for any exposed tech parts
  • Detailed user manuals or instructional videos
  • Necessary cables or power sources for activation

Christmas Wreath Fundraisers – FAQs

Are Christmas wreaths profitable?

Yes, Christmas wreaths can be highly profitable, especially if you offer unique, quality products that resonate with your target audience. The holiday season generally sees a surge in decorative purchases, making it a prime time for wreath sales.

How to sell Christmas wreaths?

Selling Christmas wreaths effectively involves a well-planned marketing strategy, which could include social media advertising, local events, and partnerships with local businesses. Offering various payment options and potentially an online ordering system can also boost sales.

How to display Christmas wreaths for sale?

For maximum visibility and appeal, display Christmas wreaths in well-lit areas, preferably at eye-level. Using themed props or backdrops that complement the wreaths can enhance their aesthetic appeal, making them more attractive to potential buyers.

Are Christmas wreaths the best Christmas fundraising idea?

While Christmas wreaths are a popular and effective fundraising option, calling them the “best” would depend on your organization’s specific needs and goals. They can be one of many lucrative fundraising avenues during the holiday season.

Final Thoughts

As the holiday season approaches, the opportunity for creative and impactful fundraising is ripe for the picking. Our list of the 9 best Christmas wreath fundraisers offers a range of innovative and community-oriented ideas, tailored to resonate with different audiences. Whether you’re drawn to the allure of Subscription Wreaths, the multi-sensory appeal of Edible Wreaths, or the futuristic charm of Tech-Enabled Wreaths, there’s something for every organization to consider.

Remember, the key to a successful fundraiser lies not just in the idea, but in the execution, marketing, and community engagement that bring it to life. So choose a concept that aligns with your mission and resources, and deck those halls with boughs of profitability!

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